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Unlock Financial Success in 2024 with Kakeibo: A Unique Japanese-Inspired Savings Method for Financial Independence

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As we approach the end of 2023, you may have embraced a variety of financial resolutions. However, how far along have you progressed?

Understanding and managing personal finances is a crucial skill for financial independence in life. Yet, we often find ourselves perplexed about the appropriate method of saving that aligns with our financial capacity. Consequently, the act of saving remains enjoyable, easily achievable, and not burdensome.

One noteworthy savings method you should be acquainted with and consider trying is Kakeibo. So, what exactly is Kakeibo saving technique? Let's delve into the explanation below!

What Is the Kakeibo Method?

As reported by CNBCIndonesia, the Kakeibo method is widely adopted by the Japanese community as a means of saving. In the Kakeibo method, meticulous recording of every expenditure, no matter how trivial, is essential.

This aids in obtaining a clear picture of how money is utilized. Additionally, Kakeibo instills the concept of systematic saving and goal-setting in finances.

The uniqueness of Kakeibo lies in its underlying philosophy. Kakeibo imparts principles such as:

  1. Valuing Currency: Kakeibo emphasizes the importance of cherishing money, even the smallest amounts. By documenting every expenditure, one becomes more conscious of their spending habits.

  2. Financial Goal Setting: Kakeibo encourages setting clear financial goals. With specific objectives in mind, individuals are more motivated to save.

  3. Frugality: The Kakeibo method underscores the significance of saving a portion of income. This practice can aid in realizing financial dreams and goals.

  4. Debt Avoidance: Kakeibo instructs individuals to steer clear of unnecessary debt, fostering a financially liberated lifestyle.

Implementing Kakeibo Savings Method

Here are some steps you can follow to manage your finances using the Kakeibo method in your daily life:

  1. Record All Income:

    • At the beginning of each month, record all sources of income, including regular earnings like monthly salaries and additional income.

    • The Kakeibo method suggests using a pen or pencil to physically write in a book, promoting a deeper connection with your financial records.

  2. Save First, Then Allocate Funds:

    • Kakeibo advises setting aside the amount to be saved first and then allocating the remainder to various expenditure categories.

    • In the Kakeibo method, there are four expenditure categories:

      • Survival expenses: basic needs such as food, bills, installments, and other obligations.
      • Optional or secondary needs include entertainment, dining out, and the like.
      • Additional insights needs, like books, movies, magazines, and similar items.
      • Extra expenses for other miscellaneous spending, such as buying birthday gifts for a friend's child, funeral contributions, and so forth.
  3. Transact with Cash:

    • Conducting transactions with debit or credit cards often leads to a lack of awareness of the amount spent. Therefore, try using cash for transactions to remain conscious of your shopping expenditures.
  4. Create Reminders in Your Wallet:

    • An interesting trick for saving is to insert a reminder note in your wallet with the message, "Do you really need this item?"

    • This way, you'll be consistently reminded to consider your purchases before making transactions.

  5. Wait 24 Hours Before Purchasing:

    • Japanese individuals often take considerable time considering a purchase before deciding. Try not to make an immediate purchase after seeing something you like.

    • Take at least a full day to determine if the item is a mere desire or a genuine necessity.

    • If you still contemplate the item after a day, and it aligns with your needs and financial capacity, go ahead and make the purchase.

These are some of the Japanese-inspired saving techniques you can adopt. Recognizing the significance of financial skills in life, implementing the Kakeibo method is a step toward financial independence.

By managing finances wisely, you can achieve financial dreams and ensure a more stable and prosperous future.

So, are you ready to implement the Kakeibo method in 2024 and realize your financial resolutions?